Finn's Giant Leap

A Curious Frog's Magical Adventure

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Lainie Sevante' Wulkan brings her first children's book,
to a library, school, or bookstore near you.

Get ready to hop on a magical adventure with Phineaus as he explores the waters of Tintuck Mountain.

"As a Life & Soul Coach who teaches about the art and science of taking leaps of faith, I love how this delightful story shows kids -- and adults -- how our 'wings' appear when we're eady to leap! It also helps to have support and someone to leap with -- like Finn has Syana. I look forward to reading this to my grandtwins!"

- Barbara Schiffman,

"This sweet little book made me cry. I could really relate to Finn and his difficulty in communicating his extraordinary experience with others. What it means for someone to believe in us when we are finding ourselves is illustrated here. This book is for kids and adults! I recommend this book for any coffee table, school, break room, library, book shelf and more! It made me remember that I have always had wings!"

- Niko Burkhardt,

This book is for the young and young at heart who join Finn on his journey in the transformation of believing in himself and trusting the knowledge, gifts and wonderment he was seeking was inside him all along. It's story to share to remind us all how to follow our heart and be all that we can be!

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